Christmas with the SAC Pack

"Surveys Christmas music from almost every conceivable angle. Striving Artists love their Christmas music and sure know how to perform it." - Dan MacIntosh

"You don't often find a holiday album that can fit the needs of all listeners, but Christmas with the SAC Pack is one such album. The most comprehensive album of holiday favorites that any fan of festive music will find. Something to delight any ear. 5 stars" - Andrea Guy

"There's plenty of variety, several real gems, a lot of stellar original arrangements, and even a few new voices that truly deserve to be heard." - Stubby's House of Christmas


spare ornaments

"Impressively enjoyable, playful, and upbeat. Luzitano's work is fresh, it's electric and it's modern, and even if you're not excited by the Christmas season, these songs will put just about anyone in the holiday mood. If this company's theatre productions are anything like this release, it'd be a shame to miss a single one. 4 stars" - Alec Cunningham

"A tremendous amount of holiday talent is enlisted for a truly special recording. A must-have for the Christmas season. 5 stars" - Matthew Forss

"Striving Artists show how diverse Christmas music can be." - Alex Henderson

"A stunning and refreshing take on Christmas classics new and old. I can't wait until the next chapter in their Holiday songbook! 5 stars" - Melissa Nastasi


songs for sugar sunshine & the adorable gumdrop girl

"Greg Luzitano has been delighting audiences with his creative and skillful performances and musical arrangements for Striving Artists for years. Now he solely steps into the spotlight...Luzitano's vocals are finely executed...(his) piano, guitar, and drum instrumentation exceptionally captures the energy and dynamics...In addition to Luzitano’s phenomenal talent, his fun quirkiness is another mainstay with his music...As always, Luzitano’s work is an enjoyable experience and Songs for Sugar Sunshine & the Adorable Gumdrop Girl is a unique musical biography that helps define the musician by taking the listener along his personal artistic and continuing journey."