Jesus Christ Superstar: A Striving Artists Cast Recording (2 CD)



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Astonishing, somber, emotional, brilliant, raw, rock-infused, full of wonder and might. Striving Artists is a collective of unbelievably talented musicians. - Music Emissions
As epic, theatrical, and jammin' as the original. - Middle Tennessee Music
Nothing short of outstanding. - The Ark of Music
Mesmerizing...You will not be disappointed. - Indie Band Guru
You may find yourself becoming a fan of Musicals, when you never were before. - Skope

Striving Artists' loving tribute to the classic rock opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. Producer Greg Luzitano returns to the earthy early-70s style which originally put Jesus Christ Superstar on the map, combining the grit of the original "Brown" concept album with the epic scope (and the additional songs) of the film soundtrack. 

Judas Iscariot: James Turner -- Jesus Christ: Greg Luzitano -- Mary Magdalene: Jenn Luzitano -- Pontius Pilate: Jeremy Benson -- Caiaphas: Nate Conant -- King Herod: Matthew Condon -- Annas: Johnbarry Green -- Peter: Andy LeBlanc -- Simon Zealotes: Carol Smolinsky

Ensemble: Savanah Carlson, Anne Marie Cleary, Ronald Cook, Nate Goncalo, Mary Beth Luzitano, Julia Nelson, Katie O'Rourke, Kim Robertson, Abigail Shaughnessy, Matt Wengraitis, Sherri Wilcauskas, Danielle Wood

Produced by Greg Luzitano

Guitars, Piano/Keyboards, Bass, Ukulele, Percussion: Greg Luzitano -- Drums: Nate Goncalo -- Flute: Emma Hookway -- Trumpet: Jessica Hookway -- Violin: Abigail Dickson

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